RDF from Auto shredded waste(ASW)

Auto shredded waste rdf system

Auto shredded waste RDF processing system from PREMECO

Promeco has engineered a system for the production of RDF (refuse derived fuel) from ASR automotive shredder residues.

Vehicles at the end of their life are, after remediation (removal of fluids, oils, fuels, batteries), demolished. About 75% of the material components of the vehicle is recovered. In particular, the destruction and demolition/crushing of vehicles allows to recover the metal components.

What remains, called ASR (automotive shredder residues), is a mix of materials including plastics (PE, PVC, PP), elastomers (rubbers, chloroprene, ABS) resins (PU, PA, epoxides, styrene compounds), cellulosic materials (textile, paper, wood), minimal residual metals (Cu and Fe in particular) and others (glass, paints, ceramics).

To date, the ASR were mainly destined to landfilling. However, the prevailing policy within the European Union is to minimize and, if possible, completely avoid the use of landfill as a means to dispose of waste. Recently adopted European regulations (Directive 53/2000 on the ELVs, End-of-Life Vehicles), require that, from 2015, 95% (by weight) of a motor vehicle components and materials has to be recovered, conceding that only 5% is sent in landfills.

As the materials from ASR can be the basis for RDF of excellent quality, PROMECO has engineered a system that, starting from the ASR, allows to obtain a RDF in briquettes, which can be used as fuel replacement in facilities such as incinerators, cement kilns, etc.


Characteristics of the input material

  • Auto shredded waste (waste from cars demolition)
  • Maximum input size: about 50 to 60 mm.
  • Negligible presence of metals and absence of inert materials with a diameter less than 10 mm.
  • Optimum particle size of about 40-50 mm, easily achieved with a pre-grinding.
  • Max humidity up to 20-23% depending on the characteristics required for the briquettes / pellets.

Characteristics of the finished product

Briquettes: diameter 70-90 mm, length 250 mm, depending on the used matrix;
Residual moisture: <5%
PCI: about 10000 kcal / kg

Treatment capacity: installation, up to 18 tons / h (each machine up to 3 tons / h)
(Depending on the composition of the material input)
Requested area: approx. 58 mx 56 m (excluding storage of raw material and finished product)

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