Medical Waste

Medical waste shredder
Medical waste consists of very different types of waste and requires special treatment during disposal due to the presence of infectious and highly contaminated materials the medical waste shredder adopts planet gear speed reducer driving; the blade is made of high-strength alloy steel, featured by strong abrasion resistance and high strength etc.; differential operation between axes has the functions of tearing, extrusion and occlusion, etc. It is specially designed and suitable for shredding medical waste materials such as discarded medical cotton, plastic syringe, glass bottle, plastic bottle, packing bag and waste plastic, etc. with the output up to 100-10000kg/h. Professional design can be provided as required by It has the advantages of uniform discharging, controllable size, high output and customers low noise, etc. Our shredders have been tested and proven multiple times for shredding medical and hazardous waste. Our customers particularly value the high operating reliability and low emissions.

Generally used in the disposal of:

• Small medical equipment

• Clinical waste

• Drug waste

• Infectious waste

• Various plastic waste

• Latex material waste

• Syringe waste

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