Harden Hazardous waste shredders

The disposal of hazardous waste requires special handling to meet safety and regulatory requirements. Preparing the waste for incineration or burial requires equipment that is durable and reliable so that the materials are processed safely and in accordance with the regulatory requirements. The first step of hazardous waste handling is shredding and reduction. Harden(IND. Ltd.) hazardous waste shredders are custom-designed to handle hazardous waste materials safely.

Our shredders can handle the following materials:

  • Dry solid waste
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Metal or plastic drums with contents
  • Solids & liquids
  • Aerosols
  • Paints
  • Sludge
  • Radioactive waste
  • Nuclear fuel rods
  • Bio-Waste
  • Hospital waste
  • Live or spent ammunition

Harden designs and manufactures shredders and size reduction systems for safe disposal of hazardous waste. Harden provides effective solutions to assist with the on-going problem of Hazardous Waste.

Our hazardous waste shredders are low to mid-range speed, high torque machines designed for heavy duty processing. Integrated separation systems can provide primary and secondary separation and size reduction to prepare materials for sale or disposal.

  • Single-shaft shredders process for finer.
  • The Shear line of 2-shaft shredders are designed for volume reduction.
  • The line of 4-shaft shredders are designed to deliver small, uniform particle size.
  • ¬†Cutter options include size, shape, quantity and material.
  • Drives from 37kW to 220kW.
  • Explosion-proof motors.
  • Deflagration vents and double airlocks.
  • Screens or magnets can be used to separate materials after shredding.
  • Ancillary equipment, including infeed and discharge conveyors, rotary and vibration screen classifiers and separation equipment, is available and can be integrated into your system design
  • Safety features, including Class I, Divisions 1 & 2 environments, oxygen monitoring, fire detection and video monitoring

Our shredders can process up to 30 tons/hr. and provide wide array of volume reduction requirements.

Our engineers are experienced in designing custom systems for hazardous materials. They will work with you to design an effective, high performance shredder system for your specific application. As part of the purchase process, we encourage our customers to test-shred their materials at our test facility. You will know your hazardous waste will be safely shredded and prepared for incineration or burial.

Our manufacturing standards are the highest in the industry and everyone at Harden Hazardous Waste Processing Systems is committed to manufacturing the highest performing shredders in the industry. As a testament to that, nearly every Saturn shredder sold since 2006 is still in operation today.

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