China Policy on Restrict Waste Plastic Imported from the European in Place

China Policy on Restrict Waste plastic Imported from the Europe in Place

“The Waste plastic Using and Pollution Prevention regulations” promulgated 2012

To enhance the processing and utilization of waste plastics pollution, protect people’s health, ensure environmental security, promote healthy development of circular economy, Department of environmental protection, development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce recently jointly develop “the Waste plastic Using and Pollution Prevention regulations” on administration, since October 1, 2012.

The regulations require, processing and utilization of waste plastic of import enterprises should be in line with the import of solid waste management practices, as well as the Ministry of environmental protection on imported solid wastes as raw materials and plastics related provisions on the administration of environmental protection: ban on imports of used waste plastic without washing. Prohibition to transfer all or part of waste plastic of import to import license business entity or individual other than as set out in, including cleaning of plastic scrap entrusted to other enterprises. Plastic scrap sorting or should have some remnants of the processing and utilization of waste plastics for the harmless use or disposal is prohibited to sell directly in the above residual waste plastic without washing. Importing waste paper processing enterprises shall for utilization of waste plastics in waste paper imported to be harmless or disposal, prohibition of imported waste plastics in the waste paper without the cleaning handle direct sales.

“The Chinese Government restrictions from the EU’s waste plastic of import requirements will the United Kingdom Government recycling targets cannot be implemented. “The United Kingdom Association of packaging and films CEO Barry a.Turner said” United Kingdom Government regeneration indicator reached 57% by 2017. ”

Barry a.Turner said measures being discussed by the relevant government departments in China will have on consumer waste that is not clean and not clean paper waste plastic of import restrictions. If this provision is implemented, will give United Kingdom waste treatment sector a huge burden. Taking into account the existing infrastructure, waste could not handle.

“As the recovery industry, we are committed to recycling of waste. But it takes ten years to achieve the regeneration of 45% indicators and the Government hope to achieve within half the time we 57% regeneration rate. “Barry a.Turner said.

Barry a. Turner’s fears are not unfounded.

Chinese Scrap Plastics Import Growth

China as import waste power, processing and utilization of waste plastic of import enterprises the largest number, nearly 1600, more than half of all imports of waste processing enterprises, all enterprises are more than 3,000 enterprises. Import quantity is second, accounting for about 25% of total annual import of solid waste, around 8 million tons per year. 2011 1579 waste plastic of import companies, accounting for all imported waste business 54.21%.

China is the world’s second largest producer of plastic products. With the rapid development of the domestic economy, increasing demand for plastic products, plastic industry has developed into a complete, complete industrial chain of important light industry, in recent years, growth has been maintained at above 10% 1. Good development momentum brings strong raw material demand, however, domestic production of plastic raw material production capacity has not been able to meet consumption needs. After processing the waste plastic, can still maintain very good processing properties and physico-chemical indicators can be used again as a raw material for plastic processing. Therefore, relative lack in the domestic demand growth and supply of plastic cases, the growing role of waste plastics as a substitute. Plastic increased demand boosted imports of waste plastic increased recently.

At the same time, high oil prices make the price advantage to highlight waste plastics. This year international insecurity leading to sustained high crude oil prices, as oil refining products and raw materials of plastic raw materials prices rose sharply. While at the same time, waste plastic of import prices have remained relatively stable. Waste plastic as raw material to produce recycled plastic, much lower than the cost of using oil, resulting in increasing imports of waste plastic.

Waste Plastics Industry Problems

Waste plastics recycling there is also considerable environmental security issues. Because of domestic plastics recycling industry entry threshold is relatively low at present, waste plastic recovery and recycling enterprises, mostly small and medium private industry, low levels of technology, recycling issues such as sprawl, environmental protection measures are not perfect. Some companies ignore environmental protection driven by economic interests, with cheap equipment and cheap labor to make a simple primary treatment of waste plastic, produce a lot of waste water sludge. Although the recovery of resources, and pollutes the environment.

Because of our recycling system is not perfect, in the country it’s hard to find a steady supply of waste plastic, companies will have to be imported. Our imported wastes as raw materials of various quality levels varies between classes. 261 in 2010 check out environmental protection projects in substandard imported waste raw materials, involving waste plastics 137 per cent ring 52.5%, more than all other species combined. So beware of unqualified plastic imports, to minimize the impact on the domestic industry, and effective protection of domestic environmental security.

Therefore, China waste plastic Association of Wang Wang Secretary-General pointed out that, currently China waste plastic industry faced with six large problem: imports waste plastic pollution environment problem suffered universal questioned (smuggling Ocean garbage of errors read); waste plastic imports license scalping; imports waste plastic changed hands scalping; Enterprise faced imports unrest and survival challenges; industry illegal cost is low, and law-abiding cost is high; “high into threshold, and mass investment, and large environmental inputs, and high-tech content, and mechanic trade one” of industry mode yet formed.

No doubt, these provisions reflect national industry regulation of waste plastics. These provides will on my waste plastic market produced far-reaching effect: first, this on requirements engaged in waste plastic processing of enterprise should has more environmental of processing equipment, will increased plastic enterprise of cost expenditures, large will more easy are policy support, will extrusion small enterprise survival space; second, part pollution serious of small merchant will exit market, practitioners will reduced; third, waste plastic regeneration industry Park will played role, will instead of traditional of waste plastic market; IV, imports waste plastic of reduced will uplift plastic price, Another cost increase in plastic processing enterprises will also promote recycling plastics prices

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