two shaft shredders

Harden Industries Ltd. studied and manufactured two shaft shredders for over 12 years. With hundreds of shredding test and technological innovation, our exclusive designs are proved in making shredders more durable and low cost in maintenance. A particular chamber resists impacts of shredding materials to seals and inside parts. It makes a long useful life of transmission part because no damage or wear to them. Double seals with covers made a space with no moisture no dust for bearings and gears. Also the alloy ingredient and thermal treatment of blades, spaces, shafts are very important and selective in shredder technologies. The blades should be water-proof in shredding organic and domestic waste, be impact- resistant and hard enough in shredding metals, highly wear-proof for shredding tires and rubber. Small adjustments of microelement in alloy may making a prominent influence in performance. These are only a small part of good designs of Harden shredders bringing noteworthy advantages in shredding effect and quality. Our Technologies, Your Trust.